John Wick Trilogy

Due to the current COVID-19 going around, my classes have been moved online for the semester, so I have plenty of time for movies. I had a whole week of no work and no school, so I watched John Wick, John Wick: Chapter 2, and John Wick: Parabellum in about 28 hours. Here's my spoiler filled post. Enjoy!

The first movie was a bit of a shock. I had known his dog died for a long time, and I think that is one of two reasons most people know of John Wick (the other reason is internet meme and Nice Person Keanu Reeves). I was shocked at how fast it happened. I was expecting the dog to die in the middle of the movie, but it was in the first 15 minutes! Quite the shock. I do think the way the characters interact throughout the whole series is very interesting. These terrible assassins and whatnot are completely civilized and educated sounding when talking to each other, which was just really funny and cool to see.

Chapter 2 was pretty cool, but I do not recommend watching any of these movies in public. They are extremely violent.  I also realized how hysterical and dumb fight scenes are without backing scores. There is one between Wick and his target's bodyguard, Cassian (played by Common), and it's just 3 straight minutes of grunting and punching, and it seems to go on forever. Finally, the main bad guy's right hand woman, Ares (played by Ruby Rose), seems to be mute or deaf, or both, which is confusing. They never explained anything, but if they wanted a deaf or mute character, they could have hired a deaf or mute actor, instead of a high profile speaking and hearing person like Rose.

Finally, John Wick 3. There is a scene in a knife shop or something like that and it's filmed very well, but incredibly gory. It does showcase how well choreographed these movies were though. My favorite scene from this whole series has to be when Wick and Cassian are walking through some sort of underground tunnel, shooting at each other with silenced pistols, and missing every time. I thought it was so funny. I even showed my friends. This movie does have another dog (that lives!!!) which is good, but watching Wick cut off his wedding ring with his finger still attached is quite gross.

Overall, i really enjoyed these movies. The NRA (which definitely has it's issues) said that Keanu Reeves is one of the few people who properly handles guns in movies, and that the reloads and tactical sequence used in the John Wick movies is proper gun handling, so that's pretty cool. Good on them for making an assassin and hitman look legit. I'm excited for John Wick 4, and have high hopes for it.

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