The Umbrella Academy- SPOILERS

So I just started watching the umbrella academy on Netflix, and I have a couple of issues. I just finished episode 6 of 10, so I'm just over halfway there. I really enjoyed it until the end of episode 6, when I came to a realization. This will definitely have some spoilers, so if you're in the middle of it or want to watch it, don't read it.

When Leonard Peabody was first introduced, I didn't like him right away. Soon we see him doing some pretty sketchy things, like pouring Vanya's medicine down the drain and breaking into her apartment. As soon as I realized how sketchy he was, I texted my friend "lol imagine how funny and annoyingly predictable it would be if Leonard was one of the children who was rejected from the Umbrella Academy". I was right. At the end of the episode I just watched, there is a message from the future that says "protect Harold Jenkins". The "kids" begin discussing who it could be, as Harold is the person who will bring on the apocalypse they are trying to prevent. As soon I heard that name, I was immediately reminded of how Leonard has a dead body up in his attic (totally normal not creepy thing to have.) So I believe that "Leonard" is really Harold, he's using Vanya to pull apart the Umbrella Academy and help cause the end of the world. So I googled it, and that is pretty much what happens, give or take some other various drama with everyone else. If this series wasn't as hyped as it is, I wouldn't be as disappointed that I figured this out. But it was so hyped and I was told it is so brilliant, only to be let down by a random guess I made in the second or third episode. I guess I'll finish it because I hate to stop shows in the middle of a season, but I doubt I'll watch any following seasons.


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