Kill Bill: Volume 1

So obviously this whole marvel marathon didn't work out as well as I had planned. I think I'm going to put them all together on the same page, so they'll be easier to read, and easier for me to put together. Luckily, summer is just around the corner, so I'll have plenty more time to watch and review.

I can definitely see why my dad told me not to watch this until I'm old enough. The language is pretty bad. However, if you go and sit in a high school classroom for a half hour, or walk through the halls during passing time, you hear about the same language. I'm definitely not excusing it or saying it's good or called for, but I believe I'm more used to the bad language as a young adult than my father may be, so it doesn't come off as so bad. The blood effects are not great. As far as I know, if you cut someone's head off, blood does not squirt straight up in like 7-8 equal lines for 15 seconds. Same for cutting a woman's arm off.

So when the Bride and O-Ren are fighting in the snow, the Bride gets a nasty gash on her back, and falls back into the snow. Before she falls, we can see the blood gushing out. However, during the rest of the scene, there's no red mark on the snow where the blood would've gushed out .When O-Ren is cut, blood drips onto the snow, and we can see it through the rest of the scene.

Overall, it wasn't too bad. The effects were over the top, and some of the stunts were a bit fake looking. It was a pretty good first Tarantino movie to watch. For any young people, I highly suggest not watching it until you reach the age to watch R rated movies.

Thanks for reading!
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