High School Musical

This movie came out when I was a wee kiddo, and it's safe to say I've watched it a few dozen times. I've gone from loving it to hating it to loving it again, but it’s been a few years since I've actually seen the movie. I will say right now that I know every song by heart, and I love the songs. I don't know how I feel about the rest of it though. So here goes.

Let me start off by saying that the whole "nerdy girl who would rather read than party" thing is way over done, even though I am the nerdy girl who would rather read than party. At least they don't make her take off her glasses and she's magically beautiful. I would also like to know what book she's reading.

Next we get to the first song. How do they choose the people that go on stage? What if they can't carry a tune? Do they all need to sing in order to get into this party to prove that if they get chosen, they won't absolutely suck? The guy running this show seems to not care if people can sing or not, and doesn't exactly give them a choice. Heck, Troy says he can't sing, which is obviously a lie since three movies are based on him singing, and Gabriela gets forcefully pulled onstage. Also did they ever thank him?

How did they know how to sing this song? Unless it was a super popular song in whatever universe they're living in, something along the lines of Bohemian Rhapsody or Despacito, they're just totally winging it. For a person who can't sing, Troy is winging it pretty well, especially throwing in the harmonizing and "oh yeah"s. Another thing I have a problem with during this song is how close they get to each other. I don't know about you, but as an awkward young adult, I would never sing in front of people, because I am horrible at singing. I definitely would not stare into the eyes of a kid I just met and sing a possibly romantic song.

So now we jump to the beginning of school after the break. I can't believe there's no snow in January, but that's just the Minnesotan in me. We never found out if he called her or not. If he had, then why would it be such a shock that they go to the same school? I'm assuming they would've talked about where they lived and went to school, so they should not have been so shocked to see each other in class. Or he didn't call her and is already a horrible person (more on his horribleness later). That being said, there's a lot of Gabriella's back story missing. And none of it gets explained.

Why would he call her instead of just waiting outside the classroom? He knows he's going to get them both in trouble, and he doesn't care. Doing that on her first day, in presumably her first class, is downright rude and disrespectful. And he waits outside to talk to her anyways. Literally nothing was achieved.

So Troy says the game is in two weeks. The same day he says that, Taylor says the Scholastic Decathlon is next week. They’re both end up taking place on the same day as the callbacks, which Darbus says are next week. She says so the second day after break, or the day after Gabriella shows up at East High. Later, Ryan says the call backs are next Thursday. Troy must be truly bad at math.

The conversation between Troy and his dad in the gym is so awkward. It’s accurately awkward, but still so cringy.  He should just be honest and say that he’s just doing this to impress her. Clearly, that’s true, or he wouldn’t spend time doing this when his friends and dad don’t support it.

Speaking of supportive friends, Troy’s are not. They should not be this rude and unsupportive because he wants to sing in one show. And they shouldn’t broadcast his lies (through a very obvious webcam) to Gabriella and her unsupportive friends. Not cool, and very toxic.

How many empty stairwells are there in this school so people can sing? Also, why doesn’t Gabriella get in trouble for walking through the halls, singing about a guy she sang a couple songs with?

I would be lying if I said We’re All In This Together wasn’t one of my favorite songs. I wouldn’t be lying if I said there is absolutely no way they could pull this plan off. They would have to time for free throws and penalties in the game, extra time for stuff in the decathlon, they would have to get everyone from the gym to the theater, which would no doubt end in a stampede. It would not, could not, should not happen.

Overall, this movie is not as great as I remember. What a surprise, right? I still love the soundtrack, and will continue to sing to the songs when I'm driving. However, the character development and back stories are incredibly weak, and they never end up getting too much more developed. Troy is just starting to be a horrible person. He only cares about himself. When I review HSM2, I’ll talk all about that.  Thanks for reading!

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